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Why are Hart Taxis more expensive?

We often get customers ringing for quotes and being surprised (and sometimes shocked) at the prices we charge. We will get comments along the lines of “So-and-so can do that airport trip for £35. You’re charging £50.

That is perfectly true. There will always be someone who can do the job at a lower price than Hart Taxis can. We do not compete on price.

Best Taxi service in Fleet, Yateley, Hartley Wintney

Hart Taxis won the ‘Best Taxi Service in Fleet’ award for two years running.

The fact of the matter is that there is a set minimum cost to doing business in the taxi trade. This cost includes such items as hourly rates for drivers, servicing costs for vehicles, insurance, licence fees etc.

Some of these fees are non-negotiable: You have to have insurance and you have to have a hackney carriage licence. Other costs are more malleable. For example rather than trying to let a driver earn a living wage by working a maximum 12 hour shift you can cut the amount you pay a driver and force him to work 14 to 18 hours per day for 7 days per week to earn enough. There is an obvious impact on driver safety when this happens.

The other way is to cut down on the servicing for your vehicles. At a recent snap examination in the small hours of the morning the police and the VOSN stopped a number of taxis in Fleet and found that several of them were running vehicles with questionable service records. One of our competitor’s vehicles was found to have four bald tyres and was immediately impounded by the police as being unsafe to drive on the road. All Hart Taxis vehicles passed with flying colours.

The next time you book a vehicle which is ‘cheap’ bear in mind that the driver may have been working 14 or 15 hours when he gets to you and may be running a vehicle which is barely road legal. Both of these factors put you, the passenger, at risk.

I work in the haulage business and understand the issues facing drivers working long hours. I’m happy to pay the rates Hart Taxis charge if it means my taxi will be on time, with a driver who is awake and ready to drive in a road-safe vehicle – A Hart Taxis customer

Furthermore there are some taxis who will cut costs by not providing a good service. This may be by promising to arrive at a certain time but then regularly turning up late. Sometimes late enough for you to miss your flight or your train at the station. They may arrive looking scruffy, unshaven or badly dressed. They may take you on a longer route than you expected and hike the fares up that way. Or there may be additional hidden fees added to your fare when you arrive. A good example of this is those companies that charge a low fare for an airport pick-up but then hit you with parking fees and waiting time – especially if your plane arrives late.

Let me be clear; I am not saying that all our cheaper competitors are running their drivers ragged with dirty, unsafe vehicles, lying to customers about when they are going to arrive and causing them to miss their planes and trains. But I am saying that every single one of those behaviours has been reported for one or more of the taxi companies working in the Hart district. All of the companies who have had these behaviours reported about them charge less than Hart Taxis for their services.

With Hart Taxis you get:

  • Smart drivers who have been working a maximum of 12 hours in a single shift and a maximum of 6 shifts per week.
  • Smart, washed and valeted cars
  • Road legal vehicles with full service history.
  • Vehicle tracking services so you can see where your driver is from when they accept your job to when they arrive.
  • Text information detailing the make, colour and registration of the vehicle that will be picking you up.
  • Meet and greet service at the airport where we monitor your incoming flight and only send the driver at the appropriate time.
  • Bottled water on arrival at our airport jobs.
  • Automated booking via our Oliviar booking system with the industry’s leading booking and despatch software
  • Full E-receipt provided on completion of job, if required.

This service is something which Hart Taxis are proud to offer. But in order to offer this we expect our drivers to be paid an appropriate amount of money.

That is why Hart Taxis are considered by our customers to provide excellent value for money despite being more expensive than others. If you are price sensitive then please let us know and we will happily give you the contact details for our competitors. They may well be cheaper – but at what cost?

Please feel free to check out our testimonials page if you want more feedback about our service. We think you’ll feel that the higher price is worth it.

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