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What does it cost to go to the airport?

At Hart Taxis we have consistently thrived to give our drivers the financial reward their job deserves along with real value for money for our clients.  It is this mutual respect between clients and drivers that has seen Hart Taxis voted the “Best Taxi Company” in Fleet two years running.

At present our fares from Fleet to Heathrow are competitive but as an industry we are starting to see drivers hours increase to unacceptable levels.  This is mainly caused by companies saturating the market with vehicles when they don’t have the work or prospect of work for new drivers or vehicles.  Additionally they are reducing fares ensuring drivers from all companies work longer to earn a wage they can live on.  This may appear great from customer point of view – cheaper fares, more taxis on the road – but it is also potentially lethal with tired drivers behind the wheel.

So what is a fair rate from Fleet to Heathrow T5?

As self-employed operators Hart Taxis believes that our drivers should be able to earn £8.00 per hour after taking out all their running costs.  Compared to working in Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s  and many other industries this is still a very low wage, especially when living in the Hart District.

Hart Taxis currently charge £50 for this journey (Fares from other locations may be higher).

This is a break down of driver costs:

  • Driver pays 20% commission to the hiring company: £10.00
  • Fuel for 50 miles round trip in an average taxi is: £6.50
  • Tax & National Insurance contributions as self employed: approx £2.50
  • License fees to Hart Council £400 per year so approx £0.30 per job
  • Running costs excluding fuel : £12 (this includes vehicle wear and tear, car insurance, personal liability insurance, maintenance, valeting, and vehicle depreciation)
  • Admin costs: £2 (to cover the driver’s costs associated with running his business – all our drivers are self employed)
  • 2 hour round trip x £8= £16
  • Driver profit £0.70

The figures above allow owner drivers to earn the living wage plus a very small profit.  Hart Taxis will never undersell it’s service and will always aim to provide the best real value for money transfers which enable our drivers and passengers to travel in real safety.

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