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Why do we need Oliviar?

What is the problem Oliviar solves?

Over the last few years Hart Taxis has, thankfully, been growing at quite a rate. We have taken on more drivers, more operators and more customers.

Unfortunately one of the downsides of this is that as we became more popular, we reached a point where our customers were not able to ring in and make their bookings in a timely manner.

This was especially obvious during the early morning rush and on Friday and Saturday evenings.
Customers were calling either of our numbers (01252 616149 or 01252 810391) and reaching an engaged signal. If our operators were taking an airport booking, for example, the line could be engaged for up to ten minutes. For customers wishing to book a taxi to take them to the train station to catch their train to work this was a problem.

Hart Taxis recognised this problem and started looking for a solution.

We started by having more operators. This solved some of the problem. We could now handle twice as many calls as we previously were able to.

But we were still hitting the same problem: A couple of calls which took more than a minute or two would clog up the customer telephone lines and cause engaged signals.

We needed to find a solution which allowed customers to call us when they needed to speak to an operator, but which also allowed us to handle simple, repeat business for customers who booked the same, or similar trips on a regular basis.

Oliviar is the answer.

Oliviar is a suite of hardware and software upgrades that completely revolutionise the way Hart Taxis operates. Here are four reasons why this is the case.

  • For a start Oliviar can handle up to six calls at a time. Using telecoms technology which was unavailable to Hart Taxis until we added a hardware upgrade, we can now deal with 6 simultaneous callers. Each of these calls can be passed through to an operator (or added to a queue if the operators are busy) or taken through a series of voice response systems to allow the customer to book their taxi without having to speak to an operator.
  • Oliviar knows who you are. Using similar technology to the existing system we use to identify callers, Oliviar can recognise your phone number and despatch a vehicle to your home address (if you call on a landline) or to one of a number of predetermined pick-up points (If you are on a mobile phone).
  • Oliviar can make your wait for an operator a lot less stressful. Oliviar can play music to you as you wait, or she can let you know of offers that Hart Taxis are running at the moment to save you time (Did you know, for example about our fiver from the driver offer?)
  • All jobs booked through Oliviar at the moment are despatched as soon as possible. We are aiming for a maximum of 20 minutes lead time. This removes the stress of worrying what time your vehicle is booked for as the system will despatch the next available vehicle. You can call back to the office¬†and Oliviar will tell you whether your car has been despatched and – if it has – connect you through to your driver.

Overall we think that Oliviar will be a great benefit to you the customer and to us as a business. We can deal with more customers quicker than before as well as providing a better overall service to everyone.

We hope you agree.

If you’ve used Hart Taxis more than once (and are in our initial test zone of GU51 and GU52) the next time you call in you can try Oliviar. Let us know what you think by emailing us at

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