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Using Oliviar on your landline

Image of phone callUsing Oliviar is simple and straightforward. It is a call and response system: Oliviar asks you what you want and you respond using your telephone touchpad. Once you know the system you can book your vehicle in less than 8 seconds.

When you call Hart Taxis the system will recognise your  number and pass you through to Oliviar. When prompted by Oliviar just enter a ‘1’ to have a taxi despatched to your address. Oliviar will assume that the location you have vehicles despatched to most frequently is your landline address and this is where she will send a driver.  If you are unsure about what to do at any time then do nothing and wait. After a few seconds you will be transferred through to an operator.

Once your booking has been made Oliviar will let you know that a car has been booked, she will remind you that you do not need to let us know a destination for your booking and thank you for using our company. If you are happy with your booking just hangup. if you wish to speak to an operator simply wait and you will be transferred. The operator will have your booking on their screen when they answer.

Oliviar will generally despatch a vehicle for immediate pick-up as soon as you make the booking.  However, your vehicle may take up to 20 minutes to be despatched depending on how busy we are.

To check on the status of your vehicle just call back in and Oliviar will let you know whether you’re vehicle is waiting for a driver, has been despatched, or is outside, waiting. She will even allow you to connect with your driver by tapping ‘1’ on your keypad.

Booking a specific pick-up time

Oliviar jobs are generally for immediate pick-up. Some customers, however, will be offered the opportunity to book a vehicle for pick-up at a time in the future. This must be within the next 24 hours. If this is the case you will be asked to enter a pickup time. The pickup time can be either an absolute time (say, 10.30am) or a relative time (45 minutes from now). In either case you would finish with the hash key.(#)

As examples:

    • If you enter 15# the booking will be made for 15 minutes in the future.
    • If you enter 60# it will be made for 1 hours time from now.
    • # by itself will despatch a vehicle immediately.
    • If you enter 1230# it will be made for 12:30 (lunchtime)
    • If you enter 0030# it will be made for half past midnight.
    • All absolute times must be entered in the 24-hour clock format.

The reason we do not offer this to all customers is because there is no audible confirmation of the time you have made a booking. Many customers do not like this uncertainty. Of course you can always make the booking then stay on the line and be transferred to an operator to confirm the time if you are unsure or you think you have made a mistake.

Once you are comfortable with the way the system works there is no need to even listen to the audible prompts. For example you could book a pickup from your home (location 1) for 09.30 simply by typing in ‘1#0930#1’ when Oliviar starts to talk. In tests we have been able to accomplish this within 8 seconds of dialling the Hart Taxis number (01252 616149). We do, however, recommend you listen to the prompts in case changes have been made to the system in the interim.

Note: at peak times when driver availability is limited the booking function through Oliviar is switched off. When this happens you will be transferred immediately through to an operator when you call. You can still check the status of bookings using Oliviar even when the booking function is switched off.


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