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Improving customer service

Taxi OperatorHart Taxis is continually wanting to provide a better service to our customers.

As part of this effort we have recently invested a substantial amount of money in our taxi booking/despatch and telephony systems.

We already use the industry leading Cordic software which allows us to handle all your bookings at the moment. With this software we are setting ourselves up for future growth. We have recently upgraded all the hardware for these systems resulting in a faster computer response time when customers call in.

One of the latest updates to this software is a virtual operator, Oliviar. She will handle bookings for immediate despatch for many of our customers giving them the ability to call in, book a taxi and hang up all within a period of as little as 8 seconds. The taxi will be booked for despatch immediately. This is all done without speaking to a live operator (although you can certainly be connected to one if you wish). Oliviar also handles calls related to the status of bookings. If you have placed a booking on the system and you call back in, she will recognise that you have a booking and provide you with a status update about whether the job has been allocated to a driver, whether the car is on the way, and when it has arrived. Once a driver is allocated she will offer you the ability to call the driver just by pressing a single key on your keypad. If you are on a landline in the GU51 or GU52 post codes you will have the option of booking with Oliviar next time you call in. If you have a mobile phone all you need to do is let us know which are your main locations to be picked up by completing our enrollment form. All Oliviar jobs are subject to a 5% introductory discount!

To provide the foundation for this we have upgraded our telephone system. Previously we were running two telephone lines into the office on analogue connections. As a result if you called our sales number (01252 616149) and there was already somebody on the line you would receive an engaged tone. Now we are running digital lines and have expanded our inbound number to over a dozen lines. Some of these are devoted to Oliviar, some are earmarked for our suppliers to call us on, one is even dedicated to making the ringback calls we offer when your vehicle has arrived outside your location and is waiting for you. But the vast majority are sales lines that allow us to simply handle more calls. We now have 5 extensions in the office all of which can handle sales calls and all of which are linked into our despatch system. This reduces the number of times you will receive an engaged tone. Our telephony system also deals with handling customers in queues and playing some nice music for you listen to as you wait.

All this is laying the foundation for our next upgrade which should happen, hopefully, towards the end of the year. We will be looking to launch a Hart Taxis booking app. This app will run on Apple devices as well as Android devices and will allow you to book a vehicle from your smartphone for despatch at any time.

Hopefully this will help us to improve our service to you, the customer and keep us as the No. 1 taxi service in Hart

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