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book online here

Meet Oliviar


We would like to introduce the newest addition to our staff. Oliviar.

She is a new telephone based booking system which allows our regular customers to ring in and book their journeys without ever having to speak to an operator. You just ring in, select which of your regular journeys you want to take and it gets booked automatically *.

Once you know the system you can book a taxi in as little as 8 seconds for immediate despatch, all without speaking to anyone.

This system is now live. Bookings are already being taken.

Register your preferred pick-up points for your mobile phone.

If you are a regular customer with specific pick-up points this will automate the whole process for you. As long as you call using your usual telephone number the system will recognise you and engage the telephone booking system. It will either prompt you to select one of a number of predefined pick-up points (if you are a mobile phone user), or it will ask you if you want to send a vehicle to the location you are calling from (if you are calling on a landline). No need to speak to anyone in the office.

If the prompts get confusing or you don’t know what you want to do just wait, don’t touch anything, and  Oliviar will transfer you through to an operator.

Oliviar can handle up to six calls at a time which will easily speed up your booking process. No more waiting for the operator to become available, just click the right buttons on your phone and the booking is made.

To see how Oliviar works on a mobile phone click here

To see how Oliviar works on your landline click here

Call us on 01252 616149 and see what it can do.

To register your preferred pick-up locations click here

For more information about Oliviar why not have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions?

If you want to know why we implemented Oliviar, this might help you understand

(*Note all first time callers to the system will come through to a live operator. Once you have made one booking via the new system you can take advantage of Oliviar’s functions the next time you call)

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