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In these trying times we know that it is important for our customers to make the best use of local resources.

Nobody wants to be out and about in public with the threat of the Covid-19 virus ever present.

Hart Taxis can offer assistance in several ways :

  • Personal Transportation
  • Grocery delivery
  • Prescription collection
  • Document transport


With public transport becoming more and more hazardous as a means of moving people, anyone who has a need to travel from point A to point B would be well advised to use the least dangerous method available. Any method of moving people which relies on cramming them into close proximity – trains, buses, coaches etc. – is going to increase the potential exposure to the Covid-19 virus.

Having your own vehicle where you are the only occupant besides the driver is going to minimise the risk.

Our drivers all have sanitizer, wipes, and tissues and the vehicle is wiped after each journey to minimise the possibility of germ transfer.

There really are very few safer methods of transportation


A quick glance at a lot of the home delivery services offered by companies such as Tesco, Asda, Waitrose and Sainsburys shows that they are currently booked right through for the foreseeable future. They will not be able to provide deliveries to your house any time soon.

Hart Taxis can provide a personal grocery delivery service for you. Give the grocery list to our operator and our driver will visit your preferred supermarket, buy as many of the goods as are available on the list, and deliver them to your house.

You will be charged the transport costs (supermarket to your house), shopping costs (itemised receipts will be provided), and a fee for the actual time taken to do the shopping (waiting time).

Drivers will – if needed – visit several stores in the area should goods not be available for purchase at your preferred location.


Anybody who is on any sort of prescription medicine would generally be advised – in the current situation – to stay clear of places where other people can be found.

But what happens if you need to go and collect your prescription from the pharmacy?

Simple. Hart Taxis can go to the pharmacy and collect your prescription on your behalf.

Let us know the details and we will visit the pharmacy, collect your medication and deliver it to your house. This will be a fixed price service calculated in advance. Pay beforehand via card or cash on delivery.


Another service that might seem to be less important in these times but should not be ignored is personal item delivery. With the government looking at having people staying at home as much as possible what happens if you need to run an errand locally such as dropping a card off to someone you know?

How about letting Hart Taxis perform that service for you.

Our drivers will – for a fixed price payable in advance – collect the document/ parcel from your house and drop it at another address. You stay safe and isolated and your document or parcel gets delivered anyway

For any of the above services call us on 01252 616149 or email us at and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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