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book online here

Know the full fare before you get in the vehicle

lady calling taxiEver taken a taxi and watched that little meter in the front climb higher and higher and higher?

Ever wondered how much you were going to have to spend when you finally got to your destination?

Ever had the driver stop before you got to where you needed to be because you didn’t want to spend any more on the taxi ride?

All that’s now a thing of the past.

From the beginning of April Hart Taxis now work on pre-quoted rates. When you book the job the price is fixed in the system. If you are calling from a landline the operator will tell you what the price for the journey will be. If you are calling from a mobile phone the system will text you the price before you get into the vehicle.

All our rates are aligned with the Hart District Council taxi tariff so you’re never going to pay more than you would do if it was on the meter and in many cases you’ll pay less because you won’t have to worry about the meter running while you’re sitting in a queue of traffic at the lights.

Call us on 01252 616149 to book your next journey and see how good it feels to know the price in advance.

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