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Early trip to the airport? We’ve got you covered.

Airport imageHart Taxis is noticing an increase in the number of customers who are using us to go to the airport early in the morning or late at night.

At the moment our rates are fixed regardless of the time of day you travel. However, as the number of people using our early morning services increases our drivers are having to start earlier and earlier to cover these jobs. This is having a knock-on effect with jobs later in the day where drivers are not available to cover them once they’ve hit their 12 hour maximum shift time.

The choice for drivers then is do they not do the early morning jobs and miss out on the airport jobs first thing, or do they stay in bed longer and work their ‘proper’ shifts to catch the airport jobs later in the day?

To help them make this choice Hart Taxis is making a small change to their airport charging structure. Unlike many of our competitors – who quote a base fare then add extra charges in such as waiting time, car parking and early call surcharges – Hart Taxis quotes a single ‘all-in’ rate. That is all you pay and it includes waiting time, car parking charges and unsociable hours payments. Hart Taxis will continue to provide that offering. We will, however, be altering the fixed rate for pick-ups scheduled between 22:00 and 06:00

The fixed rate will now include a £5 Out Of Hours charge. So between Fleet and Heathrow at 04:00, for example,  the fare will increase from £50 to £55 for an outbound and from £60 to £65 for a return.

All our other airport fares are staying unchanged.

This will take effect from May 1st 2018

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