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We’re cutting our credit card fees!

You may have heard that as of the beginning of next year the government is making it illegal to charge an admin fee or other surcharge for payments by card.

This is a law which will apply to all businesses in the country including taxi firms.

Many of our competitors will charge anything up to 15% for paying by credit card (As they then have to pay VAT on top of those charges).

Hart Taxis has always tried to keep this charge as low as possible. At the moment it is just 5% of the total fare. Most – if not all – of our customers seem to be comfortable with paying that charge.

But we’re not happy charging it.

In fact as of Nov 1st any card payment made to Hart Taxis will now cost you exactly the same as a cash payment. We will no longer be charging the 5% admin fee on credit card payments*. Hart Taxis will still be paying the credit card company fees alongside the transaction charges levied by our card processor. But none of these charges will now be passed on to you, the customer.

For more information – or to book a journey – call us on 01252 616149.

(*Some of our drivers will have their own credit card processing machines. They may still charge the admin fee until the date required by the government. If you wish to avoid that fee then ensure you tell us you’re paying by credit card at the time of booking and we will process your details through our system without the fee.)

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