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You will all be aware, I hope, of Oliviar, our new telephone booking system. She was implemented several weeks back and is already taking dozens of bookings per month from our customers who can call in and book their taxis without speaking to anyone.

What you probably didn’t know is that Oliviar bookings are really good value for two reasons;

  • They incur a 5% discount on the metered fare
  • They are liable for selection for free journeys.

That’s right, on a regular basis we randomly choose a job that has been booked by Oliviar and tell the driver not to charge the customer for that job. This week we were able to make Mrs. Thompson’s day by telling her she wouldn’t have to pay for her journey to the station.

She was so happy she posted about it on Facebook.

If you, too would like 5% discount on your journeys plus the chance to have your trip paid for, why not make sure you book your next trip using Oliviar.

If you’re on a landline we will despatch the vehicle directly to the address associated with the landline. If you’re calling in on a mobile phone you’ll need to let us know which location you want the vehicle sent to by enrolling your phone into the system. The benefit of enrolling with your mobile phone is that we will send the details back to your email address and – as an added benefit – we will add your email address to all your bookings so that when the job is complete you will receive an e-receipt automatically.

For more about Oliviar and who she is, see this page.

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