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Booking your airport journey: Why we ask for confirmation

Airport imagePicture the scene: You are waiting at the airport having returned from your holiday or business trip. You’ve just flown in on the red-eye, you are irritable and grumpy and your baggage has been diverted to Karachi.

The last thing you need is for your taxi to not be there when you clear customs.

It’s the nightmare scenario. More so when you find out that the taxi is not there because the taxi company made an error with your booking. In this situation you would, quite rightly, insist that the taxi company bear the cost of sending a vehicle to the airport to pick you up. Hart Taxis believe this is the situation, too.

But let’s swap the circumstances around and see what would happen: You’re on the beach on some Greek Island (or sitting in a business meeting in Chicago with an irate customer) and your phone rings. You answer the phone to be confronted by a taxi driver wondering where you are and why didn’t you arrive on your flight? Having checked the details you realise that you gave the wrong return date for your journey and you are arriving back tomorrow rather than today. A driver has had to take time to go to the airport, park his car (incurring parking fees) and miss out on other potential work because he is at the airport waiting for you. In this situation would you agree that the customer should be asked to pay for the wasted journey the driver has done?

The fact is that both of these situations have occurred with Hart Taxis. Sometimes it is the case that the operator has mistyped the date on a booking and sent a vehicle on the wrong date and sometimes it is the customer who has given the wrong details to us.

In order to avoid this happening in future Hart Taxis uses a booking and confirmation system. It works very simply:

  1. You let us know the details of your flights and we book the taxi journeys onto the system for you. Your job is put on hold
  2. We send a PDF of the actual booking we have entered to you for review
  3. You review the PDF and let us know if it is both accurate (it reflects what you requested) and correct (we have entered everything correctly onto the system)
  4. Once you let us know that the booking is confirmed we release the job and our driver can come and pick you up.

The PDF is generated directly by our despatch software and is an accurate reflection of the entry that has been made on the system. These details are what will be fired to the driver at the appropriate time.

It is of utmost importance that you, as a customer, review the contents of this email to determine whether it is accurate or not.

Once we receive confirmation that you have reviewed the PDF you, as a customer, become liable for the payment of the fare. If you have confirmed the details to us and they later turn out to not be accurate Hart Taxis would still require payment for that job. (Obviously if you cancel the journey prior to it being despatched to a driver no fare is payable). This applies even if the details on the PDF do not match your original request. It is never safe to assume that the details on the PDF are correct without reviewing them.

We have had instances over the last few weeks where the PDF has not been reviewed but the customer has confirmed the journey. It was later found out that there had been a transcription error in the booking and the driver was sent on the wrong day. Because the PDF had been confirmed the passenger is liable for the cost of this flight.

It may seem unfair that the passenger is liable for a data entry error made by an operator, but at the end of the day we have numerous ways of entering data onto our system and numerous operators using the system. We have to have confidence that a booking in the system has been reviewed by the customer for accuracy. This enables the operators to run efficiently without having to check each individual entry.

It’s also worth remembering that the entry of record for the journey is the booking on the system. This is detailed on the PDF. Even if you, as a customer, have sent emails or made phone calls which give different information the only data which counts is the data on the PDF as that is the information that is physically despatched to a driver. We have had customers who have approved a PDF (which was later found to be inaccurate) but who sent different information in an email (which was correct). Our drivers have no access to the email and can only go by the despatch data on the system.

I think you’ll all agree that having a process such as this in place will ensure that both drivers and customers get the best and most efficient service from Hart Taxis.

If you want to book an airport journey with us feel free to call on 01252 616149 or to use one of our on-line booking forms.

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