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8 Seconds…

Image of phone callThe process of booking the taxi should be as easy as possible.

Historically this wasn’t the case.

Back in the early days you had to call the company and they would take down your number, your details, the time you wanted the taxi to arrive etc. It all got noted down on bits of paper and radios were used to manage the despatch process.

Then systems were introduced. Now the details are all typed in on a screen. Radios were still used to despatch, though

Then advanced systems were used and the system could recognise your number and pre-load a lot of information. The system would manage the despatch. It got faster and faster. But you still had to wait for an operator to answer your call and you still had to give out information such as where you wanted picking up and where you were going.

We’re changing that.

Book your taxi in less than 8 seconds

Oliviar – our new booking system – lets you book a journey in less than 8 seconds using nothing but the keypad on your telephone. No engaged tone, no waiting for operators. Just dial, press the right buttons and your taxi is booked.

We’re very excited about Oliviar because we think she’s the future of taxi booking for Hart Taxis. She lays the foundation for the introduction of smartphone apps later int the year.

What’s more it’s really easy to use:

  1. If you’re calling from your home number just listen to her prompts and hit the right button (usually ‘1’) when she tells you. Because your home number is linked to a specific address Oliviar knows where to send the car. You don’t need to let us know where you’re going and the vehicle is despatched as soon as one is available.
  2. If you’re calling from your mobile, though this is where it gets interesting and exciting. Oliviar can send a vehicle to any location as long as you’ve told us what your preferred pick-up points are.  These could be #Home’, ‘Work’, Fleet Station’, ‘The pub’;You just let us know now what they are (using our enrollment form) and we’ll enter them on the system. The booking process is a little different, but just as easy. Once your favourite locations are set up you can book a taxi in less than 8 seconds.
  3. If you’re ever unsure about anything just wait and you will automatically be transferred through to an operator.

Book a taxi for any time up to 24 hours in advance

Most of the people who use Oliviar will get their vehicles despatched as a soon as a car is available. At peak times this might be up to 20 minutes. But certain customers will be allowed access to additional functionality which allows them to specify what time they want their car to arrive. The reason we do not offer this to all customers is because there is no audible confirmation of the time you have made a booking. Many customers do not like this uncertainty. Of course you can always make the booking then stay on the line and be transferred to an operator to confirm the time if you are unsure or you think you have made a mistake. If you want to have this functionality then let the driver know next time you take a cab and we’ll switch this on for you.

We’re really excited about this next step in the booking evolution. We hope you will be excited too. If you have a mobile phone please tell us what your favourite locations are and we’ll gladly set them up for you.

Want a little more incentive?

Our Oliviar bookings currently enjoy a 5% discount on published fares. But to make it even more intriguing we are going to randomly pick one job booked by Oliviar and make it absolutely free of charge. We’ll make this choice in an infrequent but regular basis and you’ll never know whether it will be you or not until the driver gives you the good news.

It’s like winning the lottery (but on a slightly smaller scale..!)

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