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Going to T5 soon?

We are raising the prices of our Heathrow transfers to and from Terminal 5

From March 1st they will increase from £45 to £50 for a journey starting in Fleet.

We realise that there are other firms in the area who will charge less than Hart Taxis for this trip. But let
me explain why that’s not a valid comparison.

With Hart Taxis you are not just purchasing a trip to the airport. You are purchasing a service. This service is what sets us apart from other firms who offer cheaper runs to Heathrow.

  • Flight monitoring. We do not send our drivers to the airport until the appropriate time for your flight. If you are checking bags we allow extra time to clear baggage claim. If your flight arrives early we arrive  early. Other companies send the driver up at the arrival time and charge you waiting and car park fees on top of the quoted fare. We don’t.
  • Smart vehicles. All our vehicles are tested, approved and licensed. Recent incidents with rival companies have  revealed sub-standard maintenance on vehicles potentially putting passenger’s lives at risk. These illegal vehicles were immediately impounded or removed from service until they were legal. But as this was only a spot check we do not know how many were missed. When fares are low companies have to minimise costs to stay in business. One way this is done is by skimping on vehicle maintenance.
  • Smart drivers. All our drivers have a minimum dress code of shirt, tie and trousers. No jeans, t-shirts or  open-neck shirts for us. You may only be going on a family holiday, but we treat you like a first class  business traveller. This includes meeting you with a personalised sign not just a scrap of paper with your name written on it.
  • Alert drivers. We mandate maximum hours for our drivers. Regardless of when your flight arrives your driver wlil have had sufficient sleep and will have worked a reasonable number of hours the previous day. Safety is  paramount for Hart Taxis.
  • Knowledgable drivers. None of our drivers are allowed to do a run to the airport until they know exactly where to meet passengers, when is the best time to arrive for a particular flight, and which are the best routes back to our key hubs in Fleet, Yateley, Hook and Farnborough. This ensures no delay for you as a passenger and the most efficient service.
  • Coffee/Tea. We will provide (at your request) a complementary Costa tea or coffee for your arrival.
  • Fiver from the Driver. Every journey you take with Hart Taxis affords you the opportunity to earn a fiver  from the driver. Ask for a loyalty card on your next trip, get it stamped by the driver and when the card is full you will earn £5 from the driver.

But if you still don’t think all this is worth £5 extra let me sweeten the deal.

Just to make the price increase a little easier to bear we’re offering vouchers for you!

T5_Discount_voucher_5_quidGo to this link and download the voucher. Present this voucher to the driver the next time you travel to or from Terminal 5 and the driver will knock £5 off your fare.

You can download and use this voucher as many times as you want for Terminal 5 transfers and it will expire on  April 30th 2016. That’s 2 whole months of discounts on Terminal 5 fares.



Smart, safe, drivers and cars; Flight monitoring; coffee or tea on arrival; Fiver from the driver and a
discount voucher for 2 months.

Surely that’s worth a £5 increase in the fare?

We hope you’ll think so.

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