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book online here

Coming soon: Oliviar. She’s our newest operator.


Meet Oliviar our newest operator.

Our Lovely Interactive Voice Input and Response system

She will be helping manage your request when you call Hart Taxis. She can handle up to six people at a time, book taxis, tell you abut new innovations coming to Hart Taxis as well as connect you with a real life operator. Oliviar is our brand new phone system. She is designed to be able to help our regular customers book their journeys without needing to speak to anyone. You just ring in, select which of your regular journeys you want to take and it gets booked automatically.

No more hitting an engaged tone if our operators are busy. No more redialling just to book your morning trip to the station. If you are a regular customer with regular trips this will automate the whole process for you.

Coming soon!!

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