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Living wage £7.45 are taxi drivers entitled to earn it?

We are once more seeing our competitors driving down prices for airport transfers putting their passengers and drivers at great potential risk.

Now one of them based in Fleet is actively marketing Farnham to Heathrow (any terminal) for £42.  Not only is this uneconomical it asks the question what does a driver deserve to earn after paying commission and all running costs

  • Driver pays 20% commission to the hiring company £8.40
  • Fuel for 68 miles round trip in an average car is £9.66
  • Tax & National Insurance contributions as self employed approx £2.50 approx
  • License fees to Hart Council £400 per year so approx £0.30 per job
  • Running costs excluding fuel £5

Leaving only £16.14 for the driver –  giving a driver wage, in rush hour 2 1/4 hours at £6 per hour of  £13.50.  So all that is left for vehicle maintenance and personal safety is £2.64!

Taxi drivers are perceived to be earning great amounts but the reality is very little with most companies, short cuts will have to be taken plus extra long hours.

At Hart Taxis we believe our drivers are entitled to earn a living wage, which is why for the same journey we would charge £59.   Which would leave £28.89 for the driver, allowing a wage of  £7.45 and also money  to take proper care of vehicle maintenance and as a self employed businessman or woman make a small profit.

Hart Taxis will never undersell it’s service and will always aim to provide the best Real Value For Money transfers which enable our drivers and passengers to travel in safety.

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