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Heathrow and Gatwick increase car parking charges

We would like to inform our clients that Heathrow and Gatwick airports have decided, in their wisdom, to significantly increase short stay car park charges without any justifiable reason,  but as we know both airports have a monopoly and are at liberty to do this despite the cost to  business clients as well as the general public.  We have asked the airport why such significant increases but so far have not had a reply.

Last week both Heathrow and Gatwick massively increased their car park charges as follows:

  • 0-30 minutes £2.90   now £3.00 3.5% rise
  • 31-60 minutes £4.90 now £6.00 22.5% rise
  • 61 minutes £6.80 now £10 47.2% rise

Hart Taxis since 2007 has always charged £5 for our meet and greet service on all pick ups inside the terminals, and in 6 years this has never increased.  However due to the new rates at the short term car parks we have no choice but with immediate effect charge £10 for all meet and greets.  Given the new car park rates this should be significantly cheaper than the vast majority of our competitors, who charge car park fees plus waiting time at £5 for 15 minutes or part of.





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