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Are you a taxi driver? Are you making a living wage?

Hart Taxis, Fleet is the largest taxi company in Fleet and the surrounding Hart District.  We have so far invested £40,000 ensuring our drivers don’t just survive but make a decent living wage and more importantly a profit.

Why do we believe our drivers are entitled to make a profit and how do we do it?

Never cutting costs

The biggest loss leader for drivers are airport runs where a number of taxi companies only consider what they are earning and not passenger and driver safety  Hart Taxis expects all owner drivers to have their personal taxis maintained to the highest standards, which means budget, remoulded and second hand tyres are banned.  This is why we review our prices every 6 months and if necessary will always increase the prices accordingly so our drivers are earning the right amount to maintain their vehicles.

Latest technology – no wasted hours or journeys

Hart Taxis was one of the first companies in the UK to have the foresight to see what Cordic, then a new British company had to offer the taxi and private hire industries.  We have invested heavily in technology that reduces a driver’s dead mileage ensuring that at all times (unless for operational reasons) the nearest car always gets the job.  Drivers love a system,  they can see what cars are on which queue and position themselves where they believe there is less competition and /or potentially more work.  Every new Hart Taxi driver costs us a new Cordic license fee of  £1,300 which is our commitment to them and allows us to make sure each driver is profitable.

The Cordic system also has a client text back facility which ensures the person knows the name of the driver, the car etc and can track where their taxi is, offering better customer service but also safety.

Built in Sat Nav

Hart Taxis was the first company in NE Hampshire to put Satellite Navigation units in all cars.   Tom Tom came preloaded on the driver PDA’s and was integrated with our Cordic transport management systems.

Ability to take Credit Cards

All our drivers are equipped with the ability to to take in car credit / debit card payments electronically, this eliminates any loss fares due to lack of client cash but also makes using a Hart Taxi far more attractive and easy.

Driver communication

Keeping our drivers informed is a priority and all receive a list of their booked jobs via email before they leave for work and via the Cordic system new ones as they are booked.  We are constantly intouch taking feedback and responding where ever we can.

If you are currently working for a taxi company and feel you are not making enough profits to make a decent living then contact us because we are always looking for new, quality drivers.  Alternatively fill in our on-line application form HERE




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