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Has your food cost more today, just because its Sunday?

Just because its Sunday local taxi companies and Hart District Council believe you should pay more for a taxi.  As a matter of fact they are all charging you 50% extra on all Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Did the cost of fuel, servicing, insurance and everything else dealing with running a taxi go up overnight I hear you ask.  Well no it didn’t, which is why Hart Taxis is no longer charging time and a half during the day until the end of August.  If this trial is successful we will continue pass on these huge savings to our clients old and new indefinatley.  So a £10 fare will stay £10 not £15.

Also Hart Taxis has never charged an extra £10-£15 to the airport on Sundays  or between 11pm-7am, so a trip from Church Crookham to LHR T3 is still only £49 in a saloon.

When you book with Hart Taxis you will be sent a text message showing you exactly what the taxi fare is so start saving today.  Hart Taxis means #cheapertaxis call 01252 616149 now!


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